LAND WORKSHOP is on the 4th Tuesday of every month

This Week: "Think Dirt Land Workshop" conducted by Amir Maloumi.
If land is what you do, or want to do, this is the workshop for you. Bring you land listing or land wants, and we’ll help you get a deal. This is also a great forum to learn more about the land business. Bring your questions. We’ll answer them. Bring your problems. We’ll help solve them.

Visit: Dirt, California 43560

If you have any interest in LAND, please attend our next meeting. We will share our knowledge and help you market your LAND package or just help you learn the "ins and outs" of the LAND area of the real estate business.

  • Time: After the General Meeting, starting about 9:30.

  • Place: Zion Room

  • Agenda: Present your "Haves and Wants", emphasis on Land.

  • Questions and Answers on any Land subject with an emphasis on Education.

  • Moderator: Varies