Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

"Communications Workshop"- Ashkan Hejazi will be conducting.
Communicating with people is the key to our business. That’s what we do. The better you are at Communicating, the more successful you will be in this business. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively. It’s also a workshop to help with your presentation skills.

If you have interest in learning how to better communicate with your clients in Investment Real Estate, please attend our next workshop. We will share our knowledge and help you learn the different ways to  effectively communicate with potential clients.

  • Time: After the General Meeting, starting about 9:30.

  • Place: Zion Fellow Ship Hall

  • Agenda: Learn how to communicate with your Clients, Lenders and Service Providers.

  • Questions and Answers on any subject with an emphasis on Education.

  • Moderator: Ashkan Hejazi